Here’s an example of what I mean about the quiet Emmys that it was.  Mindy Kaling was wearing probably the most flattering awards show dress I’ve seen her wear.  She looked great and she seemed comfortable. One of my favourite moments of the night was watching her whisper with Jon Stewart the whole time he was supposed to be listening to whomever was accepting the award for The Daily Show.

But she’s promoting her book, and her show launched on Hulu (and apparently there’s a bit of a reboot involved – don’t yell at me, the Emmys spoiled many more shows for you than my one cryptic sentence), and yet there’s only one great glamorous shot on the red carpet? Lucky for us her Instagram is more interesting anyway, but…you know?

She’s a busy woman. She’s never had time to appear in a ton of sketches or teasers.  But – at the same time, her absence felt really strange to me. Why wasn’t she there? Why wasn’t she louder?

I have been so slammed lately that I haven’t yet dug into Why Not Me. But I already know it’s going to be really, really good. I kind of wish Mindy were singing it from the rooftops – not just in women’s magazines, but here, with her peers. I can’t put my finger on exactly what’s bothering me, but I know I can handle a lot more Mindy noise in my life, and in my Emmys.

I would have had this opinion no matter what, but upon closer inspection, she really looks spectacular. Look at those earrings!


Handing a bearded bae an Emmy

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Damn @edie_parker, my #Emmys clutch is hella on point. Thank you!!

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