My favourite show. But no one watches. Or not enough of you, although I’m very proud there have been so many converts.

The new NBC strategy? To attract move viewers, they’re sexing up the ladies.

Check out Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki, and Aimee Teegarden c*ckteasing in the pages of GQ on a football field in Texas with an old pick-up in the background.

What the boys like?

Seriously…the video is even hotter. Click here to see.

Aimee doesn’t say much in the interview. But Minka and Adrianne are ready to go. And they even sass Taylor Kitsch just a little bit:

GQ: Your co-star Taylor Kitsch is a lucky man. I think he’s kissed each of you on-air, right?

Minka: Even the guest stars—everyone gets a shot. The guys like to tease Taylor because people seem to think he’s a heartthrob. But they know better. They know how bad he smells.

Adrianne: And how much makeup he has to go through in the morning to get that pretty.

How pretty?

THIS pretty.

Now why aren’t you watching this show?

Source ONTD