They confirmed their split in August. By October he was back in South Beach with her and a reconciliation was inevitable. Click here. Then Charlie’s Angels was cancelled, eliminating one reason, maybe the only reason, for them to be apart. So here are Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter over the holiday in Paris and in love.

Have you seen Derek Jeter 3K on HBO? You know how tight Derek keeps his sh-t right? And there’s Minka, all over the documentary, in his family box, getting on so well with his parents, holding babies of relatives, smiling big...and allowed to speak! Several times! And he talks about her too! Like in an affectionate, teasing way about how baseball-ignorant she was when they first started dating. I’m just saying, as I noted back when they split, that I don’t think she was dumped. In fact, I don’t think anyone’s ever been closer than Minka has. I wonder if Minka might have some game herself.

Certainly more game than those girls who received a signed baseball in the limo at the end of the night which... I mean I LOVED that story. Click here if you missed it. Come on, now. When you go home like that with a professional athlete, it’s not a proposal you expect at the end of the night, is it?

So Minka gets Jeter and Jeter gets Minka and they want us to know now and, well, given how private Jeter is, I wonder how I missed it that she went to fame school with Blake Lively.