I like Derek Jeter a lot. I like the way he conducts himself professionally. I like how he plays his game. I like his consistency. I like his drive. I like that he didn’t have 5 kids by the time he was 22. This is always what I say to Jacek about hockey players. I don’t know if it’s the small town-ness of hockey players but so many of them have 5 kids before they turn 25.

Anyway, stupidly, I thought Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly would actually last. Clearly I’m a dumbass.

Her rep has confirmed that it’s over and that they’re still friends.

I hate myself for suggesting that one reason may have been that she got tired of waiting for something official. Because I’d like to think that “something official” isn’t what we all have to wait for as some sort of validation or end goal. But that’s undeniably one of the initial general assumptions. Huge professional athlete and known bachelor, medium tv actress, dating for 3 years... have we been socialised to make that immediate assumption? I’d like to be more selective about those assumptions. Jessica Biel, yes. Kate Bosworth, also yes. The rationalisation for it though that it’s always the lesser profile part of the couple who has to be the clinger.

If I threw up a poll right now and asked you who did the breaking, a large majority of you would likely answer Jeter. And even if you did answer Minka, it would be because she gave him an ultimatum and he chose single which is kinda like he did the breaking anyway.

We saw Minka at Comic-Con. She had dinner at the table next door with some Charlie’s Angels people. She’s, like, CRAZY beautiful in person. Really great hair. Amazing face. Not a tiny breakable thing. And quiet. Doesn’t draw attention to herself. For the most part she’s pretty discreet. This is no Kate Bosworth. And Jeter prefers his sh-t locked down too. I don’t think I want to call her famewhore. I also want to call her a little wiser than most because she ran away from John Mayer quicker than Jessica and Jennifer having recognised how limp that dick is and cut him loose.

Rather, I wonder if it’s because she has a show that’s been picked up and is now spending most of her time in Miami and, well, it just isn’t working out? Is that naive? Have I gone soft?

No matter. Minka is now no longer dating Jeter. And she goes back being a tv actress, period, with no additional descriptor, and he’s single... and ripe for someone like Ashley Greene who IS actually a famewhore and should be all over it by now.

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