There were a LOT of braids at the MET Gala last night. As Duana pointed out, it’s like they all think the Khaleesi and Cersei Lannister’s hair counts as punk on its own. I can get down with the braid as part of a punk outfit, and you know, I’ve almost never hated a braid, but it doesn’t quite elevate when it’s matched with a purple very safe Carolina Herrera gown (are her breasts too low?) and an equally safe, horribly unimaginative Donna Karan. A silver sparkly dress doesn’t qualify as punk. Anywhere. Off you go, Rossum. Remove yourself.

By the way, you know what we haven’t played in a while?

Would You Rather Rossum.

How about this:

Would you rather...

Babysit Justin Bieber


Be friends with Emmy Rossum?