The last time we caught up with Minka Kelly, she was on a mega downgrade from Derek Jeter with Wilmer Valderrama - click here for a refresher. Minka forgot that you’re not supposed to take your shamef-cks out in public. It now appears that it’s out of her system. At least she figured it out quickly. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t seem to have that ability…

Now Us Weekly is reporting that Minka went from downgrade to upgrade. Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal has been into her for a while. And you really can’t fault him. She looks good in pictures; she is CRAZY HOT in real life. Dull, maybe, but super hot. Initially Minka wasn’t interested but she reconsidered after ending it with Valderrama. She and Jakey went out a few times. It didn’t progress beyond that. Perhaps it was the personality problem. Or perhaps they were both weirded out by the John Mayer/Taylor Swift dotted lines. Minka and Mayer used to deal. And you already know about Jake and Taylor.

So they probably had sex a few times and now it’s over, no harm done. But …Jake just connected Reese Witherspoon to both Lindsay Lohan and Demi Lovato. I love this so much.

Attached - Minka Kelly leaving a hair salon yesterday.