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They’re coming back to TV. Here are Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor in Miami working on the new Charlie’s Angels tv series yesterday. If you’re wondering about Drew Barrymore, she’s producing the show. The third angel, Annie Ilonzeh, was there too but they’ve marked up the cost of those photos and unfortunately it’s too pricey right now, considering this is just a pilot and not even a real show yet. Ilonzeh however was the first angel to be cast after a lengthy search. Her character is called Kate. She’s an ex-cop who knows kung fu and “is the most serious of our 3 Angels but also knows how to let her hair down and have a great time”. Please. You just slapped your leg from the amazingness, I know you did.

As for the other two – Rachael Taylor’s Angel is “Abby”. She’s the youngest. And super rich. But her dad was a Bernie Madoff type so she’s all about the vigilante justice and proving she’s a good person and sh-t.

Minka Kelly is the one the producers wanted from the beginning. They’ve yet to confirm her name in the show. Originally it was to be a former US marine called Marisa who knows about weapons and combat and can kick anyone’s ass. Also, she’s a bit OCD and has to line up her condiments by right angles. Something like that. When Minka finally signed though, they decided to tweak up the character a little. We’ll find out soon enough.

So will you watch Charlie’s Angels?

Here’s what I’m into about Charlie’s Angels: it’s not like it’s never been anything but fluffy and silly candy, with three friends who have each other’s backs at the end of every episode. Boys get to play punch and sock ‘em superhero pretend all the time. Charlie’s Angels is just the same kind of fantasy, only for girls. Having said that, it has to strike the right note. It has to capture that, you know, call it ignorance, call it irreverence, call it camp, that they had in the 70s. Back then there was an audience for it. It wasn’t a stretch for them to “get it”. I’m just not sure that we’re the same now. Thoughts?

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