Gwyneth Paltrow was seen leaving The Palm last night. And so was Minka Kelly. She drove away with a friend – photos are attached. Inside though, you know who she was hanging out with? Check it:

Ryan Phillippe and Sean Penn. Sean Penn.


Last June Sean was with Minka when she celebrated her birthday – click here for a refresher. They weren’t alone but apparently he paid for dinner at French Laundry. Seven weeks later though, he was on a date with Emmanuelle Vaugier – click here for a refresher. He was quite likely still dating Emmanuelle 8 weeks later – click here to revisit that story.

As for Minka, last we checked in with her, which was way back in September, she and Chris Evans may or may not have been re-dealing with each other for the third time. Click here for a refresher. My takeaway from this is that they’re all just all friends. Ryan, Sean, Minka. Hanging out on a Tuesday night, randomly.

(Thanks Kim!)