is reporting that Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama were all over each other the other night at a club in LA.



Minka was seen maybe getting back together with Derek Jeter in January. Guess that’s not happening anymore. do you go from Derek Jeter to Wilmer Valderrama? If you say Derek Jeter is a professional athlete therefore a pig, fine, but Wilmer Valderrama just got out of a relationship with Demi Lovato. On that level then, we’re all square on the pig comparison.  So then we’re left with the superficial. Derek Jeter is the king of the New York Yankees. Wilmer Valderrama is Fez. That’s not even a conversation.

Minka Kelly is SO hot. Craaaaaazy hot. Dull, but hot. She doesn’t need to be killing time waiting for a call back during pilot season with Wilmer Valderrama. I mean, if she’s in the mood for something dirty, I almost wish she’d go back to John Mayer.