Written by Duana

Prevailing wisdom says Minnie – who has had a series of ridiculously hard knocks in the romance department, but who works steadily if not flashily – can act. I don’t doubt it’s the case. I have yet to see Barney’s Version, mostly because to a person, everyone I’ve asked has said “I really want to finish (read: Start) the book first.”

But I think she can act, I’m just never sure what she’s selling on the carpet. She straddles a weird line of “Tall” and “curious colouring” and “nontraditional” and I’m not sure it comes together.

Let it be acknowledged: she is thin. Not any thinner than lots of actresses, certainly. Her ridgy sternum is gross, but not revolutionary. But there’s something about a too-thin girl whose body was never supposed to be there - you can tell. I am also predisposed to believe that a white dress means you have no intention of eating that night – but maybe it’s only me who can’t hold a glass or a dish upright even when it’s flat on a table?

Nonetheless, she’s one of those girls who I actually think should do the ‘eat’ portion of an inspiring invigorating story of finding your true self in three exotic locales, but I’d like Minnie to focus on the pasta* primarily.

*Not to stereotype. Also acceptable are latkes or pierogies or colcannon. Just so it’s, you know, beige.

Photos from Wenn.com and Ian Gavan/Dave Hogan/Chris Jackson/Gettyimages.com