Every day I scan the photo agencies, see if there are any interesting shots from the night before. Last night there was a party happening at Chateau Marmont called “Express and Vogue Celebrate The Scenemakers”. Which, naturally, means that no one there was actually a scenemaker. There were some Twilight people. And Jenna Dewan. And a few Jonases. You see the pattern here, don’t you?

But also...

Minnie Driver?

Call it the Maeve Binchy effect but I will always care about Minnie Driver (even though you stopped after Matt Damon broke up with her on Oprah). She will always be Benny Hogan for me. (Does that movie EVER re-run on TV and why not?) So seeing her here, I want to believe she came for a friend she needed to support, or that she was doing someone a favour. Maybe it was Clare Arnold.

Also attached - Minnie at a much better attended pre-Emmy party on Saturday.