Every so often I check to see if I still feel an unusual kinship with Minnie Driver, and the answer is yes. This is based on not much besides similar colouring, an outspoken-ness that sometimes doesn’t come out right, and secret ringlets that haven’t seen the light of day unchecked in over a decade. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. I just relate.

So I always feel it a little more when she has a win or doesn’t. I feel like her TV career has been hopeful but never a hit at the right time; I feel like she picks really interesting projects, and I am really excited about Speechless, which is diverse in a different way than we usually talk about and has great lines in the trailer (and trust me, those curls are not ‘natural’. They have been manipulated into formation via heat and force). I’m thinking this is going to be the one.

I also kind of thought her dress was going to be the one. Anyone who knows me knows I love yellow very much. I love the collar, I love the cut-outs. But the length is wonky – I wish it had hit the floor where it would contrast with her black shoes instead of highlight them oddly, or that I could shake the idea that it was originally hemmed for a shorter actress. Not that I know that’s what happened, I just wish I weren’t considering the possibility.