Can I call them that?

I am not a country expert, so I defer to you. Like, not exactly, since they’re not carting around 10 kids or anything but in spirit...

Can we call them that in spirit?

Also, am I not supposed to like her? What is the right opinion to have? Give me my opinion! Because left unattended, my opinion right now is that I love them, especially her. Is that wrong?

After last night I might even be fangirling them. I sort of fangirled them over text to Duana last night. This was her hilarious and totally unironic response:

“Who was trashy in a tube top singing around an hour ago? Messy blonde?”


That’s Miranda Lambert! Without apology! And I am down!

Or am I?

I need you to tell me.

Do I have to be cut off? I can do this. Being so fickle, I can cut myself off no problem. Just give me the word.

Oh and PS. You know she’s one of the few who will step up and call out that piece of sh-t Chris Brown...?

I just thought that might matter.

But this explains this week’s PEOPLE cover, non? Pretty savvy on their part. That’s two weeks in a row now I’ve complimented PEOPLE on their editorial decisions. What’s up?