Miranda Lambert won a LOT last night. Four times, for a total of 11 CMAs over all, which means she has the most CMAs of any female artist of all time – more than Faith, more than Reba, more than Martina. Miranda Lambert is just 30 years old. She’s definitely not done.

And I want to celebrate this, I do. Because she should be celebrated, of course she should be. But this is a gossip column. And as a gossip, I just, I just couldn’t help noticing how pinched her face seemed whenever the camera cut to her, sitting beside Blake Shelton, obviously, during Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley’s monologue which, to be fair, is the only part of the show I’ve watched.

Miranda had an awkward, robotic smile on her face almost every time they went to her in those opening 10 minutes. First at the 3:35 mark of the video below when she and Blake are introduced in the front row.

And then at the 5:05 mark when Carrie and Brad are sh-tting on Taylor Swift – check out Miranda’s expression. Stone cold.

Maybe she didn’t want to be seen laughing and being accused of hating Taylor. Maybe she wanted to avoid that drama. Is there a Taygency the same way there’s a Beygency? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe there are just so many rumours about Miranda and Blake and cheating allegations and breakup speculating that it’s affecting my Video Assumption. But the light never seems to reach her eyes, not the way I’ve seen it reach her eyes before. And I love them so much together. Is it OK to worry? Or am I dick to worry when she’s doing all this winning?

Like Carrie, Miranda did a lot of changing too. I think I like the teal one best on her.