A few weeks ago, People Magazine reported that Mischa Barton took her dog Ziggy to a Toronto veterinarian clinic where the puppy was subsequently fitted with a cute pink cast. See attached. I’ve now heard from a source at the practice that Mischa was “apparently terrible to deal with… when the clinic asked her for deposit (which is common practice before you can see an emergency vet) she said ‘don’t you realize who I am?”. Then apparently after she got the quote she asked if the clinic was intentionally ripping her off just because she was a star.” Classy, non? So, like, I have a dog. In honour of Britney Spears, I am now calling him my BooBoo. And yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of those crazy pathetic dog freaks people make fun of all the time. He lives better than I do. He goes to private daycare. Last weekend he celebrated his 3rd birthday party at his nanny’s house and there was a big cake and a free for all in the yard with organic treats and dried fish in between games of toss of the ball and who can bark the loudest for no reason and all of his friends went home with loot bags stuffed with gourmet treats from Three Dog Bakery and if you don’t have a dog you are now probably rolling your eyes but my point is, most dog owners, in one way or another, are insane when it comes to their pups and while I know vet fees can be exorbitant, at the puppy stage, most of us will bite the bullet and the fact that this stingy bitch would even haggle over the cost of treatment when she’s a wealthy ass celebrity who can afford $1,000 to make her “booboo” feel better just shows you 1. what a cheap ass Mischa Barton is and 2. what a selfish, paranoid cow she is as well. Remember that story that leaked a while back, about her chewing out her mother in front of witnesses in an elevator or something? Wait, let me find it. OK, here. Per Perez Hilton, this is how Mischa spoke to her mom in NYC last month: "You"re so f*cking retarded! What idiot can"t put a f*cking key in? What the f*ck, Mom give it to me! You"re so stupid - it takes you 10 hours to do anything." Now in my culture, if you talk to your mother like that, dark clouds roll in without hesitation,the heavens thunder disapprovingly, the sky splits, lightening comes down, and the mother-abuser is struck down with the force of 10 thousand Chinese gods roaring with fury – because above all things, you DO NOT disrespect yo mamma. So if you combine the arrogance “don’t you see who I am”, the cheapassness, the delusions of grandeur, and the mistreatment of her mother – is it fair to conclude that Mischa Barton is a horrible, horrible person??? Is it fair also to conclude that she probably WAS kicked off the OC for being such a pissy ass brat? And – digging a little deeper now – is it then fair to conclude that since she’s such an ungrateful, worthless sh*t, her friends probably aren’t worth much either? Because Mischa hangs out an awful lot with Nicole Richie – as seen here at the beach the other day – and you have to wonder, is Nicole a f&cking bitch too?