Drew Barrymore, Sophia Bush, Kylie Minogue, now Mischa Barton – all single, all available, all hotter than hot and better than before. Here’s Mischa at the Rodeo Walk of Style event last night…total gorgessity, non? This dress on Emmy Rossum? Puke. This dress on Mischa Barton? Somehow she manages to elude the sweetie princess vibe and the result is absolutely divine. Maybe it’s the shoes (you know Emmy would have worn some cheese ass ballet slippers a la Dakota Fanning), maybe it’s her skin, maybe it’s her fresh face but I totally have some girl quiveration goin’ on for Mischa Barton. Not so much for her taste in men – if it’s not bloated and smelly, it’s hairy, ugly, and smelly – but when she’s on her own, and not yelling at her mother, I have to tell you…she’s one of my girls. Even though she can’t act her way of out The OC. There is after all only one Gwyneth. Source