Probably the worst piece of acting, like, ever but that moment when Dylan pulled Toni out of the car, after she’d been killed by a bullet originally intended for Dylan by a mercenary hired by her father to remove him from her life – in the pouring rain, with Brandon trailing behind, Dylan wept and cursed the sky, signaling his first exit from the show to “grieve and find himself”. Sigh. And even still, even though Luke Perry is no more of a true thespian than Mischa Barton, even still I was riveted to my couch, the memory still inspires a twist in my stomach, a pang of grief for Dylan who lost his Toni. As for Rebecca Gayheart, Toni really hasn’t aged one bit, has she? Sorta reminds of that beautiful piece of dialogue from Shakespeare in love: "You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die." Here’s Rebecca at the Carolina Herrera opening last night – beautiful and youthful and married to Eric Dane, better known now as McSteamy, who also dated Lara Flynn Boyle and Alyssa Milano before settling down with Toni in 2004, which begs the snarky, snarky question: Now that he’s poised for prime time glory – will McSteamy stay true to Toni? Source