Total bitch. Yes. Prime candidate for eventual karma face. Yes. But also one of the loveliest looking young starlets around, from head to toe, on style and sensuality, few can beat Mischa Barton. Here she is at some polo event today in the UK – perfect per usual. A dress to die for, understated, unadorned hair, fresh skin without layers of makeup…it’s really too bad this girl is such a frickin’ cow. But still…I’d give anything to see Harry ditch that generic blonde for a little taste of OC drama, you know what I mean? And did I mention he and his horse just happened to be there? And did I mention I’ve received an unconfirmed tip that she just happened to catch his eye? Take that with a large grain of salt, y’all. It’s a new source and I’ve yet to hear corroboration, though it’s a nice daydream, isn’t it? Will keep you posted. Photo source