Feast or famine when it comes to my best friend – yet another outing last night at the Night of Stars gala in NYC. Aerin Lauder was honoured at the event - Aerin Lauder of Estee Lauder, of course, who signed Gwyneth to Pleasures, of course, which is why she showed up at all. And while I’m a tad underwhelmed (don’t like her in red lipstick), Gwynnie was far from the assiest of the evening – more on Mischa Barton later. In fact, Gwynnie is never the assiest of the evening and on this evening, Gwynnie chose Grace Kelly and I don’t suppose you can ever go wrong with Grace Kelly. As for those rumours of unrest in the Martin household – even if true, which I don’t believe - it’s nothing to be concerned about. If you recall, Gwyneth and Chris share The Marriage Nose - according to my people, it’s the precursor to a long and lasting union. Thanks to Ahava for sending me a photo of The Marriage Nose in the same frame, taken at Gwynnie’s birthday party/Jay Z’s concert last month. Now THAT is a Marriage Nose. No divorce for Gwynnie…knock on wood. After all, never hurts to mix white and yellow. Source