Jennifer Hudson is the first African American singer and the first full figured woman to appear on the cover of Vogue…and Anna Wintour canNOT be happy about it. Because if there’s anyone who hates people eating as much as Karl Lagerfeld and his bitchbeating fan, it has to be fashion’s most ruthless editrix-in-chief, which probably accounts for why Jennifer looks so sh-tty in all her photos. Still… it’s a huge accomplishment and, as mentioned yesterday, a major stick in the arse for jealous petty Beyonce who in return has come charging back. Interesting the timing and interesting the timing of the release, non? Beyonce on the cover of Sports Illustrated and bitch looks f&cking amazing. Her body, her ass…her physique has always rocked. And when she’s not dressed in one of her mother’s atrocious gowns, when she’s unadorned and unfettered, not a sequin or a feather or a rhinestone in sight, Beyonce is undeniably beautiful. But she’s apparently still very petty. Word is B left explicit instructions for People Magazine party planners post-Grammys to leave Jennifer OFF the guest list, feeling that Hudson is making her look bad and in the wake of her breakout success, B feels completely overlooked. Hmmm…too bad, so sad. Hope the cameras pan to her weave in 2 weeks when Jennifer’s name gets called, really put those acting lessons to good use...or not. Have you seen Dreamgirls? Bitch is the Mischa Barton of the music industry. Happy Face, Sad Face, Mad Face, Same Face. Watch that face on Oscar night. There WILL be some tight clenching...hee.