Mischa Barton has resurfaced in New York, showing up looking lovely but for her feet at Keds event last night. Mischa is their spokesmodel and as you can see, she has been made to suffer for the job. Love the makeup and the hair, love the dress and the coat, but those shoes… not even Kate Moss could make that sh*t work.

But the burning question: who would actually buy peeptoe Keds wedges??? Who??? And don"t say Victoria Beckham. If they"re not $500 she"s not interested.

Anyway, Mischa has been laying low in Regina, Saskatchewan shooting a movie and in London on a couple of occasions for photo shoots, now back in New York presumably for her Keds commitment and to spend the holidays. Word is she’s “over” LA and intends to hawk her limited acting abilities on the East Coast. Good move.

Photos from Wenn