I"ll tell you right now - she and Cisco do NOT have matching cheekbones. In fact, I"m hardpressed to find anything matching between the two. And still she stays. She is gorgeous and light and fresh and numb to the world, barely conscious perhaps, but she stays. To each her own, I suppose...but damn, if I could go back to 20, if I had that height and that skin and that hair and that bone structure, I"d be putting it to better use...no doubt about it. Anyway, here they are, united by indifference, a regular couple with irregular attributes, defying the conventional standard of an aesthetically pleasing pairing. Rumour has it, she and Nicole Richie have broken up, apparently because Nicole won"t call her anymore. With a fracture in the Dead-Eyed Crew and Lindsay Lohan losing her sh*t...will Hollywood Ebola prevail yet again? Photo source https://www.hollywoodsbest.net/forum/