There was a premiere in Hollywood the other night for a movie called A Resurrection starring Mischa Barton. The trailer is attached below. This is exactly the kind of quality work you expect from Mischa Barton. And she does work steadily. TV movies, slasher films, etc. It’s rent.

There was a time though when Mischa Barton, she could have been what Blake Lively has become. I don’t mean Ryan Reynolds’s wife. Blake Lively doesn’t have to make Lifetime movies is what I’m saying. Mischa however, she pissed a lot away. She had the sense, or the serendipity, to not piss ALL of it away though and this is why there is still something out there for her to do, and she’s doing it... because maybe she doesn’t know as many billionaires?

Could Tara Reid hook her up? Tara Reid spends a lot of time in Europe, seemingly living beyond her means, for someone who barely works enough to need an agent. Hilariously though, according to IMDB, Tara’s next film project is called Sharknado. That was not a typo.

And still, these two are STILL doing better than Lindsay Lohan, who may never even get to their level ever again.