There was a time when Mischa Barton was considered a style girl. She and Nicole Richie had a funky friends together kinda thing going on that used to be pretty cute. Then again, I’m a Mischa apologist. I liked the weird moccasins, she did have a certain “it”.

But lately? Longer than lately? Mischa has lost her mojo. Mischa does not look right. And she didn’t look right last night on the carpet at the Blindness gala. The dress fit weird, her gait was weird, her hair sucked, the bangs, the jewels, the expression… all of a sudden, Mischa Barton looks old and flat.

What’s even more embarrassing is that it also felt that way. It felt like she didn’t belong. Almost like she knew that she didn’t belong. And the apathy towards her was indicative on the carpet too.

Seriously…no one cared. A few photographers didn’t even bother to shoot her. Can you imagine??? Not being worth not even one single frame?


Terrible news for a girl who’s trying desperately to make something out of what’s become a nothing career. She is here to promote that Tatu (sp? Not wasting my time googling that sh*t) movie that will end up being a colossal waste of money. They should have donated those funds to Anne Heche instead. Word is she’s hurtin’ for cash.

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