Because of her, I broke my arm and it looks like Mischa’s flake-out in Cannes has been extended to London. She’s supposed to be promoting You and I, that movie about tATu she’s probably embarrassed about. Thing is – it’s called a job. And she signed a contract. And she’s obligated to fulfill the terms.

Unfortunately for the film’s producers, Mischa can’t be found. Said producer Natalie Jamieson on BBC Radio:

“She hasn"t pulled out of interviews, she"s pulled out of everything . . . Her room is here, she is here, but trying to get the two together has just been impossible. We just don"t know where Mischa is.

Well…last week she was partying with Marguerite Missoni – it’s a mystery to everyone why Marguerite Missoni is even bothering with Mischa Barton.

This week, no one knows. Mischa is missing.

Hopefully it’s just her regular tomf*ckery, blitzing her face off and sleeping through her responsibilities. This would be the best case scenario. The worst case scenario is a disappearance as a result of the reckoning. As mentioned last week, You and I was apparently funded by Russian financiers who probably don’t appreciate having their money pissed on by a talentless twat.

Here’s Mischa a week ago in London leaving a bar at around 2am with her boyfriend.