London does a body good. And Josh Hartnett in London is looking hotter and hotter and hotter.


Here he is last night leaving Bungalow 8 – beautiful, stylish, great new hair cut, well fit jeans… and a taste of Mischa Barton?


She has no job. She now has no boyfriend. She has no prospects on either front, she’s taken to London for fashion week and last night tried desperately to catch Josh’s eye. Apparently after an hour of shimmy shaking shamelessly in front of him, he finally took pity on her. They conversed. They went back to his hotel, joined by his friends. She was seen leaving an hour later – not even UK gossips are willing to spread the story that the two hooked up.

Because hopefully Hartnett knows better?

Seriously, right now, Mischa Barton is one small step above the poker tour. Like Shannon Elizabeth styles. Which isn’t far from Tara Reid.

Mischa Barton is becoming Tara Reid.

What she deserves after breaking my arm. My elbow vagina is taking her revenge.

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