The Shopping ShameFace

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 14, 2010 16:18:52 January 14, 2010 16:18:52

Not too long ago, Mischa Barton was at the top of every designer’s mailing list. And then she pissed it away. Over and over again. When given a life jacket in the form of Gossip Girl, she turned it down. In favour of movies. Which didn’t come. So Ashton Kutcher offered her a job and we all know The Beautiful Life was canned after only 2 episodes. In between that she was hospitalised for “a tooth infection”. Right.

Is this why Mischa’s now shopping at the Burlington Coat Factory?

Check it – THAT, gossips, is a Shopping ShameFace. That’s the face of a girl who knows she’s been busted shopping at the Burlington Coat Factory.

You and I and especially my mother can shop all we want at the Burlington Coat Factory. But Mischa Barton? Think about it.

Mischa Barton WAS Blake Lively.

Think about Blake Lively at the Burlington Coat Factory.

This is what I’m saying.

Mischa was photographed in New York today returning to her hotel after hitting up the Burlington Coat Factory. Mischa Barton, unemployed, shops at the Burlington Coat Factory.

Girl, you f-cked up.

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