She has skipped out on almost all of her press obligations to promote that tAtu movie she made. She’s been called out by the producers for her unprofessional attitude. She disappeared for a week to lay low during previously scheduled commitments. But worry not, gossips. Mischa Barton is fine and was in LA last night at, where else?, a party.

Here she is leaving with her boyfriend, seemingly oblivious to the precariousness of her situation. Given the nefarious nature of the Russian financiers who funded the film, who will not be happy about pissing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, down the sh*tter, if I were her I’d be grovelling right now, not smugly hopping around Hollywood without a care in the world.

PS. Am a picky bitch but hate the cut of her man’s jeans. This is how I would want to wear my jeans. Seeing it on my lover is entirely another matter.

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