This is surprisingly not about Lindsay Lohan. But it is a surprise why these two aren’t hanging out. It’s not like they haven’t before.

Page Six is reporting that Mischa Barton was at the Bar Marmont the other night on her own and f-cked up. At one point she had to leave abruptly so that she could hurl all over the property. Afterwards she made like nothing happened and stayed there for several more hours. And her publicist can’t offer a comment. Because there’s no spin for this sh-t. None.

Barton is trying to unload her house. She’s resorted to minor guest spots on tv procedurals playing prostitutes. And she turned down Gossip Girl. However, on Sunday night, she could still afford to eat at Madeo. Photos are attached. This is what they do. They float around LA aimlessly, interchangeable days and nights, looking for a party or a boyfriend, pretending it is what it once was.

Reality show. Mischa & Lindsay. It’s the only option left.

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