Embarrassing, non?

Mischa Barton showed up at the Make-a-Wish Foundation event yesterday in Santa Monica like we’re still in Season 2 of The OC. We are obviously far from Season 2 of The OC but Mischa clearly can’t stop clinging to the Young Hollywood It reputation that has long since been taken away from her. Actually no. She pissed it away herself, didn’t she? She did.

And now what’s left is the stank of has-been that wafts around her. There’s some has-been settling in around her eyes too, tugging away at the edges of a once fresh, one beautiful face, now irreversibly marked by hard living and irresponsible decision making.

Mischa is reportedly being forced to sell her house, this just weeks after it was revealed she couldn’t pay rent on her NY apartment. Her Beverly Hills mansion is on sale for $8.4 million – click here for photos - and was originally purchased for $6.4 million in 2005 back when she was flush from television.


Did she really need a $6.4 million starter home? These people are f-cked. Child stars should be forced to attend financial planning lessons.

Photos from Wenn.com