So apparently Mischa has nothing better to do but beg designers for a seat during London Fashion Week. That would be because she’s almost Tara Reid: Zero career, zero prospects, zero potential.

Still… Mischa fashions herself a fashion girl, which may have been the case once upon a time, when she was hanging out with Nicole Richie, but these days it’s a mess from head to toe. Mischa lost her mojo.
But that isn’t stopping her from trying to piss on someone else’s.

"Posh doesn't strike me as particularly stylish. I don't think she's a good example of British style at all. I don't dress for anybody else, and I think the reason people like my style is that I do my own thing."

You know whose side I’d normally be on…

I worship the ridiculous Posh. And Mischa Barton broke my arm.

But the thing is – Mischa’s not entirely wrong, is she?

Posh stylish?

Posh is well dressed, yes.

But is Posh stylish? Wearing only expensive things and colour coordinating them doesn’t make her stylish.


Mischa’s not wrong.

She’s a f&cking loser and she looks like ass and she can’t act for sh-t, but here she’s not wrong…

Attached – Mischa the other day in LA heading to a dentist.

Source The Sun

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