With grand delusions.

And they all believe they belong in film.

Where does “TV Girl” come from?

My snotty bitch Gwyneth Paltrow, of course.

When Brad Pitt started dating Jennifer Aniston, she famously referred to her as “that TV girl”. And while television in recent times has provided fertile creative ground and arguably presented more challenging roles for women in entertainment, reflecting a greater diversity and range, still in Hollywood that hierarchy remains. Film is more prestigious. All the TV Girls, they all want to break through to film. Especially the talentless ones. Like the Jessicas Alba and Biel. And Sarah Michelle Gellar. And Kristen Bell. And, yes, Mischa Barton.

As you know, Mischa’s new show under boss Ashton Kutcher, The Beautiful Life, was canned after just 2 episodes. She was at the Whitney Gala last night and told People.com, which is outdoing itself today in dumbassness, that she’s no longer interested in tv:

"I think I need to back away from the whole TV approach. That whole world of network television, probably isn't, for me, a good idea now. I need to start reading for more serious roles."

Like it’s up to her.

Right. Because according to Mischa, she has so many options. So many she has to turn them away:

"It's too early to tell yet. I'm passing on all the [early] offers, because that's not the stuff you want to do. I want to go fight for interesting things and look for something that's going to be interesting for me ... as a role."

Hooker, don’t be turning down Sorority Row 2. You need the money.

Mischa also showed up at that Whitney Gala last night. Her face is still not quite right after the constant bloat/hospitalisation/normalisation. Will it ever be again?

Photos from Wenn.com