It’s almost the same dress, non? Tori’s in green, Mischa’s in purple, although sure, Mischa Barton is better looking. But again, most people are, with the exception of Donatella Versace.

This post however is not about the assness of KFed Jr’s wife. This post is about the assness of the girl who broke my arm. Thing is, she also broke her entire career.

After a few days in New York for fashion week, but getting clumped with other Dlisters, Mischa Barton is currently in LA, of course, because everyone else is too. This is a week to be working on your knees. And this is a girl who needs to be working on her knees.

Remember when she said she didn’t want to be on Gossip Girl???

Bitch… PLEASE.

Gossip Girl would have been like winning an Oscar for her.

Instead, Mischa Barton floats around, maintaining her own blog, where she speaks freely about her romantic status, informing her five fans about who she is or isn’t dating, and trying to get into every party, onto every carpet that is charitable enough to take her.

Here’s Mischa last night stumbling out of Guy’s. How sad is it for her that you’re more interested in the no-name friend?

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