Mischa Barton stupidly passed on a role on Gossip Girl – good news for the show, sad sack news for her career. Because it’s Mischa Barton. And at this point, for Mischa Barton, does it get any better than Gossip Girl??? Apparently she wants to focus on film. Another tv girl trying to make it in movies.

Bitch… please!

If she could actually act, it would be one thing. But given that Mischa’s sad face, happy face, and mad face are all the same face, getting a part on one of tv’s hottest shows is a gift that will not come round again. Dumbass.

Once again, over-reaching continues to be a problem in Hollywood. Jessica Alba, Shelf Ass Jessica Biel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, the list goes on and on.

Why not look to the example of Heather Locklear? For years she was known as TV’s fix-it girl. The go-to girl to raise a show’s ratings. She was content this way. She never aggressively pursued beyond her boundaries. It’s called self awareness, you know?

Chicken Fried Stupids shouldn’t go to med school. Short, squat, average looking Asian gossip bloggers shouldn’t be models. Or waste time trying to be. Short, squat Asian gossip bloggers should also not try long jumping. But curling is definitely an option.

See what I mean?

Curling to average Asian gossip bloggers is like Gossip Girl to sh*tty actresses like Mischa Barton. It’s the stepping stone to a long career in television.

Here’s Heather last night with her boyfriend Jack Wagner leaving Mr Chow’s still looking amazing. And Mischa in Paris this week in the most unflattering pants ever and much better in purple and pink.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com