Misfits season 3 is now shooting. Yes, yes, without Robert Sheehan. Like I’ve been saying, I don’t think I’ll miss him. I don’t miss him already. And besides, again as I’ve been saying, Nathan was becoming less and less interesting to me. You would have tired of him scratching his balls and the high pitched voice. Trust.

As for the replacement – the character’s called Rudy, played by Joe Gilgun, and this is one of the first looks at all of them together the other day at the Latitude Festival. Oh... I think this will work out just fine. (Thanks Katherine!)

And what’s Robert been up to? Hanging out with cheesy Euros apparently. Just came across these photos from about a month ago in Italy of Robert at the Taormina Film Festival seemingly constantly in the company of a broad called Tiziana Rocca who is, I guess, one of the most powerful publicists in Italy. Rocca just released a book called Supermom: A Guide to Kids, Family, Career and Having it All. I will abstain from commenting. Not sure if Robert’s her client now but he looks uncomfortably pimped out and available for petting in these pictures, and in some shots (not attached) can be seen swinging several rich cougars across the dance floor. There’s no reason to be embarrassed for him, is there?

Photos from Tullio M. Puglia/Paolo Bruno/Gettyimages.com