If you missed my review of Misfits series 3 over the holidays, click here.

A spec pilot was submitted to US networks this week for an American version of my beloved Misfits. It was written by Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl etc) and Howard Overman, the creator of Misfits. The next step is to wait and see what interest the script generates. Then if/when a network comes on board, they shoot the pilot (this is a gross oversimplification, but you see where I’m going), and you wait to see if it gets picked up to go to series.

What makes me crazy about this is that Misfits already airs in America on Hulu. It does very well on Hulu. So why can’t they just throw the original on conventional and not mess with perfect? I suspect it has to do with who gets paid if the original airs on conventional. Needless to say, not the right people. And besides, online viewing is one thing, conventional viewing is another.

Misfits, in its authentic British form, could not thrive in the same homes that welcome Glee. American audiences have a hard time with the truth about teens. They could barely stand Veronica Mars. And when it comes to degenerate teens…


What would Misfits be without all the c-nting? It’s not cursing for the sake of cursing, but these kids live on the estate. This is how they communicate. It’s not that they’re not articulate - in fact they are very articulate - but the way they speak reflects the lexicon of their environment. You can’t water that down. But you have to water it down because otherwise it’ll get shut down.

So what would Misfits For America look like? Would the characters have shadows under their eyes and bad teeth? Would our girls be closer to a size 10 than a size 2? Would they say and do horrible things, would they make terrible mistakes, would they be allowed to be funny, like really funny, and not just aw shucks funny?

It’s not even a debate.

It’s also totally unnecessary.

But you’ve heard it all from me before.

And now, what’s new, is that you’re hearing it from Lauren Socha who plays Kelly and who, love her so much, doesn’t see why Misfits has to be Americanised either:   

"You know what? Without sounding disrespectful, 'Misfits' is 'Misfits,'" Socha told The Huffington Post via phone. "We've won the BAFTA. I've got a BAFTA. We don't need to prove to anyone else. Obviously, they're going to take it to a higher level, with a production team and stuff like that. If America wants to try and smash it, they can, but at the end of the day, they've got 'Shameless' and 'The Office' over there. Competition is absolutely nothing because with English telly, you start with something and then you leave it as that. And I think it's going to be very difficult to try and get a job as Kelly in America. She's so distinctive! I'm impossible to play! Good luck to it, though. I think I'll be a bit gutted, but let's see what they do."


Here are new photos (there are never new photos!) of Antonia Thomas, Iwan Rheon, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett at a Shame screening in London last night.