So tell the truth. If the Miss Golden Globe(s) hadn’t been introduced, would you have known whose progeny they were? I wouldn’t at all, but apparently some of the internet thinks they’re very easily identifiable?

It’s kind of a ridiculous job, but they did fine, I suppose – especially since nobody was looking at them after Sofia Vergara’s ridiculous ‘flub’. Because there’s nothing funnier than a woman with lots of skin showing “accidentally” saying ‘anal’. I also saw someone online ask whether she couldn’t push back on something like this – whether she wasn’t powerful enough. The answer is yes, she is – but apparently she doesn’t see anything wrong with it…?

I do see some things wrong with it, and with the concept of Miss Golden Globe as a rule. In this week’s Show Your Work podcast (which, full disclosure, we recorded before the Golden Globes broadcast aired) we discuss the weird-ass Hollywood coming-out-party nepotism job and discuss exactly which blonde teenage daughter of an A-lister would or would not accept the job…

Speaking of accepting the job, we also talked about what it means that Julia Roberts appears to have officially endorsed Natalie Portman…and whether it’s as simple as thinking she’s the heir apparent or whether there’s a bit more strategy involved.

We also debated the deeply dubious strategy of Tyra Banks appearing on the revival of “Celebrity Apprentice” (reference article here) and we discuss what exactly you should do if you’re as big as Beyoncé or Kendrick Lamar or Radiohead, and discover that Coachella, the music festival you’re set to headline, gives money to anti-LGBT organizations and other things your fans would definitely not be cool with. As celebrities, do they ‘owe’ us anything here? How should they make it work?

We are thrilled to be back on the podcast and can’t wait to read more of your emails!

Lainey PS. This concludes our Golden Globes coverage! Thanks for visiting today and for your emails and tweets. Oh and here’s Duana’s Golden Globes lounge suit.