Adele has said that she’s pretty discerning about who or what she licenses her music to/for. The Muppets TV show belongs to ABC. That’s not a free parody. They would have had to ask/pay for permission. And, you know, for Adele, it’s not about the money. It’s about the worthy.

If there’s anyone who’s worthy of Adele though, it’s Piggy. Piggy is single now. And Kermit’s been hanging out with Denise from Marketing. F-cking Denise from Marketing. We all have a Denise from Marketing in our lives. Adele knows exactly who Denise from Marketing is. She’s based her entire career, practically, on Denise from Marketing. Which is why we have this (this is the only version I could find that isn’t geo-gated):

So. 25. Did you live with it this weekend? Could you get out of bed this weekend? 25 is selling. BIG. You know this. You also probably know that the reviews have been mixed. I can understand mixed reviews on the first listen, because I wasn’t taken with it on the first listen. But after about the third time all the way through, it takes hold. Remedy is probably the weakest track on the album for me. But the 5 song stretch starting from Water Under The Bridge and ending with All I Ask? It’s practically destructive. Right now my favourite is A Million Years Ago, because it sounds so Barbra Streisand, from the 70s, The Way We Were. Reminds me of my mother, maybe that’s why I’m so affected by it. She performed it live on her BBC special, starting at 1:30.

Attached - Adele out in New York on Friday for 25 promotions.