Mission: Impossible 4 or, more accurately, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (What a Dumb Title), there’s a new trailer...with the sounds of Eminem complementing all the running, stunting, and stand-offing between Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner. (I used to hate the name Jeremy. Probably because I went to school with one and he was a smartass dick. But now...now I LOVE the name Jeremy. Why isn’t Jeremy a more popular name?)

Obviously there’s not much of a plot. Ethan Hunt and his team are accused of some bad sh-t and, I guess, accept a mission to find out the real culprits while clearing their name. Original! Along the way, Ethan wears a tuxedo, blows up cars, and climbs the tallest building in the world. Also, he speaks low and delivers one liners. This, of course, is what you expect from these movies. Their challenge then is to make it new and fresh, to outdo themselves, to see how Tom outdoes himself, pushes himself, and all while ensuring that he is impressively well lit. 

Don’t hate me but, at least judging from this trailer, I think they might be on target. I liked it. And I really enjoy it when Tom points his toes to make his legs look longer when he jumps. Rather endearing, non? 

MI4 opens in December, the same day as Guy Ritchie’s new Sherlock Holmes with RDJ and Jude Law returning. It’s best to wait for the Sherlock trailer before deciding but right off the get, if you had to choose just one, what would it be?