Mo’Nique doesn’t want it?

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She just won't campaign for it.

Well… no…

That’s not right either.

She’ll campaign for it, but only if she’s paid to campaign for it. By Oprah or the studio.

That’s the word according to many film industry insiders and that’s what many people in the business of awards are starting to believe. Following the confirmation that Mo’Nique will not attend the NY Film Critics Circle Award to collect for Best Supporting actress, a member of the circle commented that:

"Mo'Nique will NOT turn up to accept her award from the New York Film Critics Circle, which seems to lend credence to the story that she wants to be paid to show up for these things."

Mo’Nique’s camp denies the suggestion and says that she’s skipping the NY event because she’ll be on holiday with her family. However, Mo’Nique has also been nominated for several other awards, including a Golden Globe, and while almost all other nominees are like “hell yeah, I’m gonna be there”, Mo’Nique’s camp has remained ambivalent about whether or not she’ll bother to show at those ones, perhaps waiting for a cheque to come along with it, which, as you can imagine, is being construed as a slap in the face to the committees who have honoured her fierce performance in Precious with nominations.

While her reps are also insisting that she did do “some” press for Precious (talk shows) it’s also been noted that she used those opportunities to support her own show on BET as well.

And then there’s the interview she conducted on her show with past Oscar nominees Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson pressing both, who have done their parts during their Oscar runs, about why she should bother:

"What are you campaigning for, though? Let me ask y'all this, because I know y'all are gonna school me correctly: What does it mean financially?"

Howard, if you can believe it, becomes the voice of reason, trying to explain to her that her nomination brings the film an audience it may not have had otherwise. And where a film as important as Precious is concerned, this is obviously a monumental bonus. Oscar will not extend itself to someone who keeps pissing on it. So I guess she doesn’t want it then?

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