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There are actors like James Franco who doesn't need the street cred and isn't a money whore who is willing to work it on daytime television just because he's curious and available (more on this tomorrow) and then there's Mo'Nique who delivers an outstanding, breathtaking performance in the sure to be nominated Oprah-backed Precious and she's refusing to promote it.

Mo'Nique did not show at TIFF and she reportedly now refuses to attend the New York Film Festival premiere for the film. The official excuse is that she is launching her new talk show and is too busy prepping. But her publicist has just quit because she's been too difficult, and there's talk that she's actually asking to be compensated financially for press duties.

Paid to campaign for an Oscar???

Mo, sit your ass DOWN.

Jessica Biel would cut off her Shelf for this opportunity. And the fact that Mo'nique is messing with the Mighty Opsie's baby? Hooker, you need to check yourself.

So who benefits from M's f-ckery? Oh Hello Kitty Cheese. Mariah Carey is panting herself into a frenzy over the possibility of a Best Supporting nod and of course the adorable Gabby, the star of the film, who will absolutely destroy you when you see it, is one of the prime candidates for Oscar's Best Actress in March.

Precious is an experience. It's a special special film that tells a harrowing and heartbreaking story about a girl who has it worse than you and tries and tries to keep trying. By all accounts everyone who was a part of the project considers their participation a labour of love.

They are all willing to lie down for Precious. All except Mo'Nique.

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