Popeater is featuring a story today taken from the current issue of Star Magazine. Eye roll, right? The problem is though that it involves Johnny Depp and Johnny is not often a tabloid target. Here’s how it breaks down;

Some 19 year old trick, a model, obviously, claims that on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Johnny was all over her, leering at her breasts, and gushing about her beauty. She also says that they spent a lot of time together alone in his trailer.

So is Johnny cheating on Vanessa?

Look, Star Magazine has shockingly gotten it right on a couple of infidelity stories this year. In other words, they’ve already met their quota. Also, Vanessa and the children were with Johnny during much of the Pirates shoot and these kinds of moves are really not Johnny’s standard play. He’s got his share of problems, definitely but acting like a skeeve like Gerard Butler isn’t part of Johnny’s game. Thoughts?

Photo from Wenn.com