It's not that Monaco's Prince Albert doesn't have kids -- he does, as you know, only they're not considered "legitimate" and therefore have no claim to the inheritance. Albert is 54. Giving him a proper heir, then, is Charlene of Serenity's first priority. 18 months after they married, tearfully, there has yet to be an announcement.

Until Albert produces a successor, for now, the first in line to the Monagasque monarchy is Princess Caroline and then it's her son Andrea Casiraghi who, curiously enough, is expecting his first child with his fiancee Tatiana Santo Domingo. Even if the baby is born before the wedding, as long as there is a wedding, the kid is legit, right? Andrea and Tatiana spent part of the holidays in Rio.

His sister Charlotte meanwhile apparently spent Christmas at home, with a guest. Here she is arriving in Monaco with her boyfriend, French actor Gad Elmaleh. The Grimaldis have long been way more relaxed about who the kids can bring over, even without promises. And why not? It’s not like the Windsors over there, with all their rules and tightassness, were able to prevent tragedy and scandal either.