Monica Cruz was at an “Estudio Tampax” photo call in Madrid earlier today. If I were the folks at Tampax, I’d sign her to a long-term deal and have her peddle tampons all over the world if it means we see more of her. I asked Lainey what she’s been in and apparently not much, but it really doesn’t and shouldn’t matter when you’re this hot and your sister is winning Oscars for the family anyway. Tampax and Monica. Unstoppable.

While Monica was selling tampons in Madrid, Penelope was busy crushing my dreams of a Freebie 5 hook-up by smooching with Javier in Barcelona**. This is hot in general I think, but can someone please explain to me what her undies are doing at what is essentially chest level in the 3rd shot? Are those her undies? I don’t even know. I mean I like seeing the tops of undies (usually smaller undies – thongs, really) cutting above jean lines but this is a bit much. Can you imagine for one second what this would look like if she wasn’t wearing pants?

So this brings me to the core of this post.  We need to have a Cruz-off to determine which sister is hotter.

Before we do, though, I need to set a couple of very important ground rules.

First, you CANNOT let Penelope’s Oscars and Javiers influence your decision. We know she’s more successful. We’re talking pure looks.

Second and on the flip side, you can’t let the high-undie shot ruin her for you either. So I have attached a few pics of Pene from Cannes as well as her photo shoot scene from Vicky Christina Barcelona to balance things out.

Check the poll.

**Pictures removed as requested by INF.  Unavailable for web.