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My ex and I were together for 4 years. I thought it was a great relationship. But while I was away on vacation, he broke up with me via text. When I asked why, he gave me a bunch of answers -- in short, he said that I'm not his ideal girl, he had growing resentments which he couldn't communicate before, and he didn't love me anymore. I was blindsided and heartbroken but I've since cut off all communication and I've healed and moved on. A year later, he's been emailing me apologizing and saying he realizes he still loves me, wants to marry me, and wants to meet up to talk. I don't want to get back together anymore because the trust is broken, but should I at least give him his closure by agreeing to hear what he has to say? Thanks. – A


When it comes to situations like this my reaction is pretty cut and dry: what’s done is done and there’s no need to re-open a nasty wound. 

I get that you could give him closure, but why bother? I mean the guy ended a four year relationship with a TEXT (!!!). The other thing here is that he doesn't want closure – trust me when I tell you that the dude just wants to weasel his way back in to your life because he’s lonely, sad and knows he giantly f-cked the dog.  

All I have to say to him is:  Too bad, so sad.

A, the chance of you two having a beautiful harmonious relationship after what he did to you is pretty much ZIP. Had sh-t fallen apart because of factors like timing, distance etc, then yes, the romantic in me would tell you to hear the guy out. But let me remind you again, the guy ditched your ass high and dry. I would never trust someone that emotionally fickle and A, nor should you. So my advice is to peace that mutherf-cker out of your life for good and not give him another second. 

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