Again, not my type (the mouth, remember?)…but I do know he’s yours. So you will love these new photos from GQ and also this quote:

People say: how come you haven’t moved to Hollywood? What I hear is: if it were me I’d be over there making blockbusters, screwing starlets and counting the zeros.

Now he’s an actor in demand, who has landed and continues to land some very high profile, very heavily contended roles…and he doesn’t live in Hollywood. Which means you can be successful without being in the cesspool and so on the flipside – if you don’t want to be photographed, why stay in LA?
Just asking…

And on the subject of The Time Traveler’s Wife…as already mentioned, am not feeling Eric as Henry, though I’m sure he’ll be adequate.

Christian Bale though…wouldn’t Christian Bale have been perfect?