Liam Neeson blind riddling himself generated more response yesterday – at least on my site – than Tom Hardy’s dick. What a great, unintentional, accidental publicity stunt. You think Rita Ora’s calling Liam now?

Who is Liam Neeson’s “incredibly famous” secret girlfriend?

My guess, based on nothing, was Nigella Lawson. I’m pretty proud of this.

Other guesses, based on nothing, have ranged from Susan Sarandon to Madonna to Charlize Theron. Would Madonna date a man in his 60s? Would Demi Moore? Because that’s been thrown out there too which I like almost as much as I like my Nigella, and she was out at an event last night and I want to use these photos. But I can’t see those lifestyles merging, can you?

Liam and Diane Lane?

They’re supposed to start working on a movie together and, well, they’re actually kinda perfect for each other, aren't they? And Liam’s a great f-ck you to Josh Brolin, isn’t he?

Kristen Stewart though? Definitely not. Jezebel initially “reported” it….as a JOKE, obviously, non? But Gossip Cop still had to make sure we know that Kristen and Liam aren’t a thing, with a quote from his rep saying that the suggestion is “stupid”. Liam’s rep is Alan Neirob, a veteran publicist with some pretty major clients: Denzel Washington, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pratt, Caitlyn Jenner. You’ll note then that while he shot down the Kristen Stewart suggestion, he did not do anything about the spontaneous group Tinder that Liam just started for himself. Because it’s the best kind of PR. If I had the money I’d invest in the creation of a dating app called Liam Neeson.