More details every day from PEOPLE about the Amal Alamuddin-George Clooney wedding. Blah blah blah they love each other, blah blah blah it’s a fairy tale romance. What’s most fascinating to me is the insight into what Amal’s like. We don’t get that upfront with quotes and observation but we do get some clues from her friends.

Jae Kim, one of her best friends who spoke at the event, has known Amal since law school. Parts of her speech at the reception (Jesus, George, how much MONEY did you get for this?) have been released. I’ll post below and then let’s meet back after and discuss which part was most interesting to you:

One night last summer, Amal Alamuddin and Jae Kim, her dear friend since law school, had a heart-to-heart about love.

"[We] stayed up talking late into the night about relationships and whether she would ever meet her partner in life," recalled Kim during a touching speech at Alamuddin and George Clooney's Sept. 27 wedding ceremony. "She had just been picked the 'Hottest Barrister in London,' and I was concerned that this would not work in her favor, as most men found her intimidating already."

What's more, Alamuddin's bar was almost impossibly high. "The list of things she was looking for in this man, she readily admitted, could not realistically be found in one person," shared Kim. "She was looking for Mr. Perfect, and he was nowhere to be found."

Until she met George.

While Alamuddin, 36, was clearly smitten, the actor's reputation as one of Hollywood's most long-standing bachelors was not lost on her friend. "I have to admit, that caused some motherly panic," Kim said in her speech. "Is she going to get hurt? He isn't exactly Mr. Commitment, I thought."

Those fears were quickly dispelled. "You could see in the way he held himself, treated her and others, and enjoyed life that his heart was big and he loved her with all of it," she said.

The effect Clooney, 53, had on Alamuddin was evident: She quit smoking ("cold turkey!"), and uncharacteristically, Kim joked, "ever since she met George, she has been on time."

But most of all, she said, "I had never seen her smile like that. She has had that smile now for almost a year straight."

For me it was the smoking and the part about being on time.


She was a smoker. Did you know that Jacqueline Kennedy was a chain smoker? Closeted. Carolyn Bessette too. Carolyn used to bum cigarettes from passersby while and she and John Jr were arguing on the street.

You can kick ass on the international human rights legal circuit and be a smoker because no one’s papping outside the courthouse…unless you’re married to the Chairman of Hollywood. There’s the incentive to quit. Or do it in the bathroom blowing it into the vent. Or switch to e-cigs.

Now that’s the kind of biographical information I need more of. It’s delicious.

Same goes for the punctuality thing. So she’s one of those. Like Duana. She’ll be yelling at me about this for days, but Duana has her own Time. Don’t we all have friends on their own Time? Me, I’m one of the chronically early people. To the point that on the rare occasion that I get somewhere on time – not even late, but just on time – people start to worry. Duana and Amal? I guess you have to give them a window. Duana’s window is about 15 minutes. Am curious about Amal’s. Or if she’s really reformed. Like the smoking. You always relapse with the smoking. And you always relapse with the punctuality.

Amal Alamuddin 101. I’m enrolled. I want more! I need more!