I love the Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation trailer that Sarah posted yesterday – click here for a refresher. As she wrote, it’s pure ridiculous action movie fun. It knows exactly what it is. It doesn’t aim to be anything more. And Tom Cruise’s level of frustration when he delivers the final line – “the other door!” – is perfect. Also…

Coincidence or conspiracy that we see him in the opening sequence on a motorcycle, not unlike this motorcycle?

The photo I just posted is an iconic cinematic memory. Everyone knows where it’s from. You can probably even hear the music, right? This, then, is the only Tom Cruise you’re supposed to be thinking about. The one on the bike. The one playing volleyball. The one who makes cocktails. The one who demands the truth from Jack Nicholson…

And not the one you’ll be watching in 5 days when HBO airs Going Clear, the Scientology documentary. Apparently Tom Cruise will have a big part. The film is expected to provide a lot of insight into Tom’s role within the organisation – how he distanced himself from Xenu for a while and how he became re-engaged. In addition, the mechanics of his relationship with David Miscavige, the head of the Church, will be examined.

According to this article (thanks Kristi!), the two are obsessed with each other. Obsessed with impressing each other. Obsessed with trying to out-man each other. Their partnership is described as a fine balance between competition and grudging respect. Sometimes they’ll envy each other over who has the better SUV (I know, right? It’s CRAZY) and at other times, it’s real life Top Gun, with Tom the “Goose” to David’s “Maverick”. Which is why David Miscavige has supposedly made Tom the “Inspector General” of Scientology.

But that’s f-cking hilarious, isn’t it?

What kind of a title is INSPECTOR GENERAL???