Blake Lively’s publicist denied that the first batch of nude leaks were shots of her client. And there was a rather limp-wristed threat to sue too. Whoever released the pictures apparently wasn’t finished. Yesterday more images were distributed online, this time with captions, like a f-ck you message to Blake’s rep, challenging the denial, and providing even more “proof” that the tawdry shots are indeed of her – her tits, her ass, her body.

I’ve included a few of the less fleshy ones. As you can see, the tattoos are from The Town, and she was supposedly still dating Penn Badgley then. We’ll come back to that in a moment. From this selection at least, I think it’s pretty clear who we’re dealing with. I think it’s Blake Lively. Totally. And I also think yesterday’s images were of Blake Lively too.

However, there are, if you must, several really skanky photos that came with this current collection. Those don’t include a head. Just a lot of nipple and ass crack action. So ... I mean, I guess you could always doubt the legitimacy of those. Anyway, maybe you should look at them first before we continue the analysis. But you have to promise to come back, ok? Click here but they are NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!


Is behind this?

During the liveblog yesterday, Sarah from Cinesnark threw Jennifer Garner’s name out first which... amazing, right? I mean that’s a game-ender because, well, what could be better? On a serious tip though, I don’t think it’s Garner. At least I don’t think the first step is Garner. I don’t think Garner knows what “faps” means, although I would love to be the person to explain it to her.

The “faps” talk suggests that the person disseminating the images is just some kind of internet punk, and on the surface, maybe it’s simply a case of a lost cell phone getting into the hands of the wrong video store clerk, and sh-t happens.

Or... if you have a Hong Kong triad imagination like me, and have watched too many movies, maybe this is like organised crime. Maybe the internet punk is just the top layer, and below that there’s a courier who was instructed to drop the files into some envelope, and before that there was a personal assistant who ordered the delivery, and the personal assistant would have received his/her instructions from a lawyer representing an unnamed client, and so on...

Someone with a major grudge against the formerly wholesome Blake.

Then again, Penn Badgley could just be super pissed that Blake is now f-cking Leo.

I prefer the more sinister explanation.

Maybe a super producer, a very ruthless one, with whom she had a very close relationship, a man who was said to be helping her film career along, doesn’t appreciate that she’s gone off with the Movie Star to the South of France. Maybe it’s his way of getting her back in line.

Maybe she promised to participate in some sh-tty project and backed out, and this is how they’re reminding her that while she’s welcome to aspire to a career making prestigious films, she has a debt to pay and she doesn’t get to walk away from it so easily.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with her. Maybe she’s been caught in the crossfire of a war between who she originally sent these images to and his adversary. So who did she originally send them to?

The unattractive megalomaniacal super producer in order to secure her next job? Or a co-star with a wife? Or a fashion executive?

It can’t have been someone unimportant. Blake isn’t the kind of girl who gives it up without being impressed.

As for Penn Badgley – here’s what sucks for him: if she didn’t send them to him, she was then cheating on him. He looks like a chump either way which... I suppose isn’t a stretch.

This is endlessly, endlessly fascinating. And we haven’t even talked about Leo yet. How can he handle this heat? Will he want any part of it? If he hangs around, does that mean he’s totally into it? Into her? Or does it simply confirm that he has his own scandal to bury?


That’s another good theory too.


Blake is scheduled to present at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend. I think it’s safe to say that she won’t be taking any press questions? If I were her publicist, I would be begging Leo’s publicist to have them attend together. If they show up at a major event like that, officially as boyfriend and girlfriend? It would blow any nude scandal off the radar. Depends on how generous Leo is I guess.

I imagine you’ll want to discuss this further during the liveblog today. We’ll spend the first few minutes on it. Join us!